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We help clients deepen their relationships with audiences and move communities to action through storytelling, digital media strategy, content creation, and experience design.

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We bring strategy to story without disrupting the inherent power of narrative. And we use storytelling across our work – from content creation to campaign development to the story being told at the live events we help to coordinate.

Creators & Producers

We create across platforms from digital to live. We’ve done them all and then some. And while we love to create, we don’t just create to create. We ask the important questions first: why? who? when? where? and how?


We get a kick out of developing and executing effective, cross-platform campaigns for nonprofits, media companies, educational institutions, and brands that work to deepen relationships with stakeholders and communities.


It may be a conference. Or a dope mixed media celebration for charity. Or a youth centered event. Either way, we can handle the logistics, word-spreading, content, programming, and follow-up.


We're teachers, professors, and teaching artists. We develop standards-based curricula, community guides, educational modules, teachers’ resources and more for all types of media projects.

Consultants & Trainers

Need help generating ideas or insight into the feasibility of a project? Tap into our know-how from conceptualization to outreach. Likewise, our workshops, presentations, brown bags, and conferences are designed to educate + engage.

Our Own Ventures & Projects

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StoriesLead is a learning space & training ground for storytelling, media, & technology. In addition to recurring educational offerings for all types and levels of storytellers, StoriesLead provides resources and learning/sharing opportunities.
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The Create Daily matches talented media professionals with awesome opportunities and gigs. We help employers secure talented creators for diverse opportunities, with an emphasis on flexible, contract, virtual positions. We’re also building a global community of talented creatives across disciplines. visit The Create Daily
StoryCode was founded in New York as a transmedia meetup, and has since evolved into an open-source, global community for emerging and established immersive storytellers. pride collaborative is the co-organizer for StoryCode DC, a community of storytellers who explore the ever-growing possibilities of narrative.
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#AFIDOCS Panel – Content that Matters, Engagement that Counts

The American Film Institute‘s Documentary Festival, AFIDOCS, was held June 18th-22nd in Washington, DC. The 5-day festival took place in various venues throughout the city and at the AFI Silver Theatre. The festival highlighted documentary film as a medium that harnesses the potential to inspire change.

As part of the festival, pride collaborative founder, Felicia Pride, spoke on a panel entitled “Content that Matters, Engagement that Counts“. The panel also hosted several others including filmmaker and Senior VP of National Production and Strategic Partnerships at Independent Television Service (ITVS), Tamara Gould, VP for Community Engagement and Education at POV, Eliza Licht, President & CEO of Detroit Public Television (DPTV), Rich Homberg, Principal at Picture Motion, Heidi Nel, Director of Engagement & Education at ITVS, Duong-Chi Do, and Project Manager at American ExperienceLauren Prestileo.

Each panelist shared their take on content and engagement as it related to documentary filmmaking, citing specific examples from their own projects and weighing in on what filmmakers should do before, during, and after production in order to really reach and connect with audiences.

Felicia spoke about developing tools of engagement within the context of transmedia strategy. She emphasized that strategy is key as the tools can and will always change. She added that certain key concepts of transmedia including building out the story world and the idea of story research and development are critical for the filmmaker.

She cited pride collaborative’s work in the education and outreach strategy on the documentary film project Slavery By Another Name as a concrete point of reference that beckons to the power of transmedia in filmmaking. As the education and outreach partner for the film, pride collaborative was able to assist in gathering asset-based and media rich documents in order to create a curriculum for the film.

The panel discussion concluded with a sound off on rules of engagement. Felicia highlighted the importance of never making assumptions. She offered a way to avoid doing so by bringing the community into the process of development and engagement championing the concept of designing with rather than for. Check out the full panel discussion below:


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