From StoriesLab: Speaker James Carter talks Transmedia Storytelling for Engagement

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Ever had a slight panic attack trying to figure out the best way to tell your organization’s story across multiple media platforms?

Well, experience designer playwright, transmedia producer & creator of NY_Hearts, James Carter, wants to demystify the often daunting task of online engagement.

At StoriesLab, he will share techniques you can employ that will make telling the story of your organization or project an undertaking that you won’t hyperventilate at the thought of. James will talk about his creative work and present case studies about how to adequately utilize transmedia storytelling as a tool for audience engagement.

Here’s part of an article that James recently wrote for ArtsFwd, where he serves as a fellow.

What’s the Value of Transmedia Storytelling for Organizations?

Transmedia is the art of sharing a narrative over multiple media platforms (print, online, stage, film, social networks), where unique content is delivered through each platform. For example, Fringe, the hit television show, used transmedia to expand its storyworld and reward its biggest fans. To learn more about how Fringe used transmedia, read my case study about the multiple platforms implemented over the show’s five seasons.

Though arts organizations are different than television programs, I believe it is increasingly imperative that arts organizations employ transmedia thinking as a way to expand a story over multiple media platforms. Almost every company has a Facebook page, a Twitter feed and a YouTube channel. What’s missing is cohesiveness and interconnections of story between each unique platform. Companies often post the same updates to all their social sites without considering that each platform offers a distinct voice and storytelling opportunities.

I’ve previously written about how I imagine theater artists embracing transmedia, but it’s my growing opinion that arts organizations should also integrate transmedia strategy with traditional marketing plans to tell their story because it has the power to create an identity that is more authentic and engaging (and fun!) for your community.

What story are you telling?

Organizations should begin each season asking: What story are we telling this year? Once you choose the story, look for ways each platform can feed the overarching narrative that celebrates your special season.

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