Attention Media Makers! We’re Now Offering Engagement Packages

You’ve got this great creative idea or media project and you’ve been spending late nights and early mornings turning it from dream to reality. You’re used to being a one (or two) person show, so you’re not afraid to go it alone, but there are some parts of releasing the work that just can’t be done (and done well) solo. You need help but your purse strings are a little tight.

We get it and we’re here to help. Over the years we’ve worked with lots of media makers to help them connect their projects with the world. Those experiences have taught us the tools of the trade. We know what you need to get the conversation started and to keep it going when it comes to building engagement around your media project. We want to share the wealth and provide you with quality, budget-friendly, and flexible support.

So we’re now offering Engagement Packages that will provide the support you need, whether you want to amp up your engagement, promote an upcoming campaign or readying a launch / release, these packages are designed to help you connect with and grow your audiences while increasing exposure for your project.

Interested? Learn more here. It’s time to get the support your project deserves. 


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