Build Community from Day One

During a recent panel at the 10th Anniversary of Docs in Progress, I encouraged filmmakers to begin building community or audience around their project from day one. Here are some reasons why:

1. Feedback Loop: Having an audience – which doesn’t have to be big to begin with – from day one, can provide you with your own focus group where you can test ideas, content, media, and more with them. Often, these members will begin to feel a higher level of buy-in for your project.

2. Ambassadors / Super Fans: Whatever you want to call them, by building audience early, you’re helping to groom very enthusiastic community members who will be proud to say they knew about the project from Day One.

3. Time: Community-building, at least the right kind, takes time. You won’t be able to build a dedicated community in the six weeks before your project’s release. Why not give yourself more time?

4. Learning Opts: Not only can you solicit feedback about your project, you can also learn about your audience – their likes, dislikes, concerns, etc, which can help you craft both your project and any subsequent outreach.

–felicia pride (@feliciapride)

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