CMSi covers StoriesLab 2014

Last month, our storytelling training ground, StoriesLead, partnered with the Center for Media & Social Impact (CMSi) to bring you StoriesLab 2014.

The day-long event dove head first into an exploration of immersive storytelling and featured interactive lectures and hands-on workshops from storytelling trailblazers including Mike Knowlton, Jake Price, Glenn McClanan, Rachel Falcone, and our own Felicia Pride.

CMSi provided an excellent recap of the day’s events.  “Immersive storytelling is not just another fancy buzzword,” writes Daniel Farber-Ball. “It’s a great tool filmmakers, journalists, artists and producers use to engage audiences through a captivating, first person interactive experience online and share their messages and stories with the users.”

The message from the conference was clear–as it becomes more commonplace, immersive storytelling will expand into multiple fields and open new opportunities for engagement, impact, and well, story. We’re hella excited to watch it all unfold.

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