Felicia Pride Talks Transmedia Storytelling & Collaboration

A story fanatic to her core, Felicia Pride relishes any chance to sing its praises. She took a moment, recently, to chop it up with Jonathan Kahn of the Together London Podcast about her work as a creator, convener, and strategist.

In the interview, Felicia gave her take on transmedia storytelling as a fresh way to extend story across multiple platforms. She and Jonathan spent some time riffing on how this new concept works as a framework that can be used in unexpected ways, tipping their hats to visionary works of current wavemakers like Rob Hinchcliffe‘s with TH_NK and Punchdrunk‘s immersive theater.

Felicia offered a few soundbites about her own experiences with transmedia storytelling, as both an educator and founder of pride collaborative and  The Create Daily. The talk rounded out with a brief dialogue on why creatives should embrace collaboration.

Want to hear the full interview? Check it out here.


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