Interactive Documentary Summit

Our founder Felicia Pride spoke at the DC Interactive Documentary Summit last week. The summit was held March 13th-14th at George Washington University. It provided an opportunity for attendees to take a look at how traditional filmmaking is merging with tech in order to create unique new avenues for storytelling distribution and funding.

The summit provided a chance for filmmakers and producers to come together and learn how to build bridges between those who create the stories and those who use those stories for causes and purpose driven content that support missions. It focused on foundations, non-profits, and other groups.

Among panel discussions, presentations, and case studies, Felicia moderated the Emerging Business Models panel and led a discussion on how storytelling has evolved as the digital age and the rise of web based technology has influenced documentary filmmaking. The discussion took a look at the new ground that is being broken by pioneers in interactive storytelling. It explored the “in the trenches” point of view of those who have successfully navigated the waters of new funding strategies, sources, business models, marketing, engagement and distribution options. 

Check out a few of the tweets from the Summit that captured some of its awesome takeaways:



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