Join us for DC Week

For DC Week, we’d thought it would be a great time to talk things we love: storytelling, media, technology, and risk-taking.

Join our founder, Felicia Pride, for an event that showcases some awesome examples in story innovation.

DC Week – Story Innovation: Transmedia, Web Cinema, and Participatory Storytelling
Pride Collaborative / The Create Daily
Friday, November 9, 2012 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (EST)
Washington, DC

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Advances in technology have provided storytellers with new platforms to play and experiment with. In this session, innovative storytellers will showcase their boundary-pushing projects, share their process, and discuss practical concerns like distribution, funding, and marketing.

Featured projects include: a web-based cinema project that combines verité and participatory footage; a transmedia project that fuses app production and the web; and an experiential learning and cross-media project geared towards children. This session is hosted by Felicia Pride of Pride Collaborative and The Create Daily.

More about the Featured Projects:

The Green Corps Web-Based Cinema Project
The Green Corps web-based cinema project is an experiment combining verité and participatory footage from the Green Corps feature documentary in-production with Google maps and Google Street View data to create an interactive, transmedia platform for engaging with the story, characters and green spaces profiled in the film. By situating short video vignettes of intimate reflections from the job corps trainees within an interactive Google Map of Washington DC, the Green Corps web-based cinema project provides viewers with an opportunity to self-navigate the story and better understand the relationship between the people and the land. Presented by Lance Hill of Meridian Hill Pictures.

More information and a live prototype available at:

Lakou Mizik – A Transmedia Event
The “Lakou Mizik” project is a multi-media celebration of Haitian music and culture. Focused on the recording of a new album of classic Haitian music and the stories of the musicians involved, “Lakou Mizik” uses app production, web design, and transmedia strategy to promote the cultural strength and beauty of Haiti. Presented by Patrick White, Creative Director of Arcade Sunshine. 

More information can be found at: and

Register here for this free event.

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