More Than Just Hashtags & Retweets: How to Nail Your Social Media Strategy

We’re all kinda hashtag crazy. We tweet about that weird guy on the commuter train. We instagram our awesome and delicious lunch (or despise the people who do). We check in at our favorite bar on Foursquare during happy hour. We’re pretty much always plugged in.

But just because you Vine about last night’s episode of Scandal on most Friday mornings, doesn’t mean that you’ve got a handle on this whole social media thing when it comes to your organization or business. When you’re talking about your brand, social media requires strategy–and lots of it. Don’t get caught slipping.

Check out these quick tips for developing a plan for social once you’ve found the stories that you want your organization to tell:

  • Identify major plot points or themes from your story that can help structure your social media strategy.
  • Determine where your audience is. Are they on Instagram? Pinterest? Twitter?
  • Devise a narrative for each platform so that each tells a different part of your story.
  • Identify your existing assets–video, text, images, and people–to see what you have to work with already.
  • Build in some testing and detailed measurement – to learn more about what works in terms of frequency, types of content, etc.
  • Use what you’ve learned from testing to develop a social media calendar that includes frequency, types of content, tie-ins to the larger story being told.
  • Set goals and measure  them.

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