pride collaborative + #StateandMain14 Conference

A few weeks back pride collaborative took a quick trip to Philly for the NAMAC and ACM National Conference–dubbed #StateandMain14.

Felicia and two other panelists, Nickey Robare of St. Paul Neighborhood Network and Meagan Keane of Nonprofit Technology Network, offered up their two cents on how to champion the monster of the interwebs that we all call social media. The focus was nonprofits.  The goal was to show how, when you’re doing it right,  digital engagement can serve as a blueprint for moving crowds.

Now, you know us. Storytelling is ALWAYS the name of the game. So, naturally Felicia gave the scoop on how we use narrative-based strategy when tackling the social media beast. The formula isn’t complicated. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. First things first, lead with story. Next, use quality stuff you already have. Add in some digital tools, set a few goals, do a little trial and error, and voila, strategic magic.

Check out NTEN’s take on the panel when you click this link.


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