Slavery By Another Name Curriculum Now Available Online

As the education partner for the documentary Slavery by Another Name, we’ve had the pleasure to work with Twin Cities Public Television (tpt) on the project for quite some time now.

This work, some of the most gratifying we’ve done to date, included developing a full, digital, standards-based curriculum; organizing and facilitating digital storytelling workshops for teachers across the country; producing teacher training videos and materials; and securing national partnerships.

Over the last year, somewhat under the radar, we’ve been working with tpt to develop a new, streamlined digital storytelling curriculum aimed at black and Latino male students. The educational project shows how the forced labor of generations of African Americans has created long-lasting racial and economic divisions that persist to this day. The goal is to empower black and Latino male students to connect this historic period to their present experience, and show these connections in a digital format that feels powerful to them.

Professional development workshops, both online and in-person, will give teachers new skills for the 21st-century classroom. The program’s mediamaking focus will help black and Latino boys create audio recordings of their personal narratives and engage in meaningful civil discourse around social justice issues. The curriculum will help develop and strengthen skills key to post-high school success like teamwork, public speaking, time management, communication, self-confidence, and critical thinking.

We’re beyond proud that the Digital Storytelling Curriculum materials are now available free of charge to educators on the Slavery By Another Name website. Check them out, use them, and spread the word.


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