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Slavery By Another Name’s Open Society Campaign

We co-created the educational component for Slavey By Another Name, the documentary film produced by Twin Cities Public Television, directed by Sam Pollard and based on the book by Douglas A. Blackmon.

We’re happy to share that the film is now the focus of a new education project from tpt National Productions, Slavery by Another Name: Digital Storytelling. This initiative is funded by the Open Society Campaign for Black Male Achievement.

The project will educate African American and Latino boys and their teachers about this shameful and little-known chapter in American history. The yearlong initiative will include professional development workshops led by our own Felicia Pride and will be held in New York and Jackson, Mississippi.

Felicia will kick-off the project at the end of February by moderating an online OVEE screening and panel discussion to introduce the initiative to a wide group of educators and encourage them to participate in workshops and use the educational materials in their classrooms.

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